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Finland Oman School is committed to

  • Offer learning opportunities to students inside and outside the classrooms.

  • Combat and overcome learning challenges with the guidance and mentoring of specialized Finnish teachers and specialists.

  • Provide a built-for-purpose learning environment that complements and enhances learning.

  • Deliver an outstanding education focused on each student’s well-being for a successful future.

  • Enable our students to discover their learning potential and become independent and lifelong learners.



To sow the seed for curiosity, creativity and innovation in a nurturing and inspiring learning environment where all students unlock their potential for a better future.



  • Equality

  • Life-long learning

  • Respect

  • Community-minded

  • Balance

  • Responsibility


The Finnish education system enjoys high rankings and is highly regarded by policy makers, educators and parents. The Finnish model focuses on the student first and foremost. Curriculum implementation and organisation of schoolwork is based on a concept of learning that focuses on students’ activities and interaction with teachers, other students and the whole school community.

The teaching and learning approach is thematic, integrated and learner-centred. Instruction provides students with the opportunity for successful academic achievement alongside holistic development.

Their Finnish pedagogical expertise enhances teachers’ capacities to select the methodologies and teaching styles that best suit them. Finnish pedagogical expertise lies very much within each teacher and his or her capacity to choose approaches and working methods that best suit each.

Core elements behind the excellence in Finnish education:

  • Highly qualified teaching staff

  • Inspiring learning environment

  • Constructive and supportive assessment

  • Flexible and varying working approaches

  • Cohesive classroom management practices

  • Joint conception of learning and teaching